High-Performance Torque Converters.
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Autoflite Engineering Pty. Ltd. is an Australian owned company that has specialised in the remanufacture, design and repair of all types of automotive torque converters since 1964.

Since establishment, we have concentrated on torque converters and have grown to become Australia's most renowned supplier of quality rebuilt torque converters.  Our Company has experience with every type of torque converter for every automatic transmission vehicle available in Australia.

A review of the many performance motoring magazines reveals that the majority of the modified cars, with automatic transmissions, that are featured in the magazine are fitted with our product.

To meet the varying engineering and design requirements of performance vehicles, our Engineers have developed three distinct product ranges to cope with the stresses that high performance engines place on the transmission.

Our DOMINATOR and ELIMINATOR range are engineered specifically to handle the higher power output demands for street or strip. They have been developed over years of research and development and have been proven time and time again.

For serious racing, we have the virtually indestructible TOP ELIMINATOR and RACE ELIMINATOR range to suit nitrous, transbrake, supercharged or turbocharged applications.
Results on the track have established our reputation as the premium performance converter supplier in Australia.

With some of our customers' vehicles producing in excess of 1,000 horsepower, engineering precision, knowledge of critical design parameters and technical expertise are essential in supplying quality products. It is because of our continuing desire to keep abreast of the latest technology that we have achieved our dominant market position.

Our staff are trained and readily available to discuss any customer requirements for suitable converter combinations or to just handle general queries on converters.

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Please Note:  We will be closing for the Festive Season at noon Friday 20th December 2013 & will re-open at 8am Monday 6th January 2014.



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